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Fahrrad-Tour: Colorful Rajasthan





Rajasthan defines the ‘quintessential’ India experience – vibrant colours, abundant wildlife, pale brown ornate palaces emerging from the sands of the Thar Desert, vivacious dances, unblemished villages in the interiors and delicious distinct food from the rest of the country.

You ride past villages in an unparalleled expanse of sandy setting and Aravalli hills. Parts of your trip will transport you back into the world of Kings, Forts and Battles. As you lose yourself in the captivating folklores and fascinating tales spinning from every crevice of this magnificent state, be sure to keep your eye on the road. An eclectic array of splendid forts, grand palaces and revered temples will make the journey even more salubrious! And you actually get to play ‘royalty’ by staying in some of the best-restored ‘havelis’ (traditional palatial homes) and hotels. All in all, a prolific cultural and rural biking trip that will leave you in absolute wonder! India’s pride on the travel map of the world, the unique landscape and architectural marvels of Rajasthan provide the most exotic backdrop to your cycling vacation!


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The terrain on the route varies from flat desert to grasslands to rolling hills. Maximum altitude is 1100m near Kumbhalgarh. In general the route slopes gently uphill from the Thar desert to the Aravalli mountain ranges till the village of Narlai. From here the hills begin. Nearly 30% of the route is flat and the remaining is amidst rolling hills. Average distance cycled per day is approx. 40 kms.


Explore nature and wildlife of Rajasthan. Commonly spotted animals include Antelopes like Bluebull, Blackbuck and Chinkara. Jackal, Fox and Wildboar can sometimes be spotted too. Herds of Camel can be commonly seen grazing by the sides of the roads. Common birds include Peacock, Kingfishers, Hornbill.

Flora – Flora varies greatly with the geography. In the desert region around Jodhpur Dhok, Acacia, cactii, Khejad trees, and shrub jungles are common. Closer to the Aravalli ranges fields of Mustard, Wheat, Maize, Barley etc. dot the landscape.


Rajasthani food is influenced by the harsh desert climate. Forced to improvise with whatever little the desert could offer, the cuisine has over the millennia evolved distinct flavors and tastes found nowhere else India. You can get to savor local delicacies like Rajasthani Lal Maas, Ker Sangri(desert beans), Besan Gatta, Dal Bati Churma etc.

Culture – This is culturally one of the most vibrant regions of Rajasthan. Experience the lifestyle of the Bishnois – one of the world’s oldest environmentalist communities who protect trees and wildlife. Come across wandering gypsies called Rebaris.

In Udaipur meet Bhil Tribals still residing in little stone huts perched on hilltops. Pose for photographs with tribal women dressed in intricate jewellery and tattoes.

Watch the millennia old Persian Water Wheel being used to irrigate wheat fields near Kumbhalgarh.

In Jodhpur listen to folk musicians called Manganiyars play traditional Rajasthani instruments like the Ravanhatta – said to be the oldest extant bowed instrument in the world and the predecessor of the Cello and the Violin.


Our itineraries are designed to suite all type of riders and can always be adapted to your riding style. During non-active part of days, our time is filled with interesting visits and activities and plenty of free time when you can relax by the pool, read a book or explore at your own pace.

Easy Rider

– I like biking on relatively flat to gently rolling roads with a few moderate and challenging hills.
– I’m happy riding around 30 to 65 km or 20 to 40 miles per day and open to use shuttle for longer ones. I would like some time for spa and massage.

Reiseprogramm - 9 Tage

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  • Ride past undulating sand dunes flanked by the Aravalli mountain range and the typical rural countryside
  • Admire historical stalwarts: weathered forts and breathtaking Jain temples
  • Savour Mughal influenced curries and smoky tandoori food
  • Get lost in the meandering markets, buzzing with wonderful chaotic energy
  • Feel the pulse of Rajasthan by taking a came ride in sand dunes and seeing amazing wildlife from the vantage point of your bike

Unvergessliche Erlebnisse

camels-622445_1920 DSC_7662 Indien-30-Jodhpur Rajasthani1 Indien-48-Taj Lake Palace Indien-45-Udaipur Indien-31-Jodhpur Indien 2000-009 Gesichter Nordindiens 2000-015 011 (5) DSC_6677 DSC_6705 DSC_7909


Tag 1-9

Day 1: Udaipur

Arrive in Udaipur and be greeted by your trip leader. We check into the plush Udaivilas hotel overlooking the famous Lake Pichola and the Aravallis in the distance and relax for some time. The sobriquet ‘city of lakes’ fits perfectly to Udaipur – there are six large and many smaller lakes here.

Today, we cover some Udaipur highlights – a boat ride in the Fatehsagar Lake, and a guided walk of the City Palace. The City Palace is enclosed in a large complex on the banks of Lake Pichola and has many more palaces inside.

We meet for the dinner at the hotel to celebrate the start of a fabulous cycling journey.

Meals: Lunch, Dinner


Day 2: Udaipur

Explore the ‘City of lakes’ on a short half day long loop on the bike, swerving to untreaded nooks and corners through the beautiful rural countryside and absorbing this historic capital of Mewar at your own pace. A colourful landscape unfolds here with brightly clothed village women. Here you can see a typical hamlet of Rajasthan with people busy with farming. We get to discover kingfisher, langoors, cows, goats, peacocks along the way and a chance to take a refreshing ride around Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar and Badi Lake.

Meals: Breakast, Lunch
Distance cycled: ~ 30km / 18mi


Day 3: Devi Garh

This day we start early in the morning and ride past small villages, mountainous and greener landscape and see more than thousand years old saas bahu and eklinji temples along the way. The ride is undulating and gives a chance to witness the rural life around Udaipur from close quarters. Having received numerous accolades from leading travel magazines, Devi Garh is the erstwhile residence of the local rulers of village of Delwara. Now luxuriously restored, the hotel is a heaven for tasteful extravagance, which you experience for two nights.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 35km / 21mi


Day 4: Devi Garh

This day, is set aside for some more indulgence. We have kept it relatively free for you to fill your own time. Start your day at the yoga or meditation pavilion for an elevating morning. Pamper yourself to a traditional Ayurvedic massage at the hotel’s spa or visit Devi Garh’s closest highlight, the village of Eklingji. Home to the famous namesake temple, the village is on the outskirts of Devi Garh. Dedicated to a lady saint, Meera, the temple was built in 734 A.D. If you sill have some miles left in your legs take a ride into the village to see this ancient testimony to India’s glorious history and the other 108 temples that are built in the same complex. This little village is quite a temple destination with many more made in black marble and granite.

At Devi Garh, traditionally inspired designs, motifs and materials come together with contemporary architectural facets here. Soothe your body, stimulate your mind strengthen your spirit at Devi Spa.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 35km / 21mi (Optional)


Day 5: Kumbhalgarh

Today, we start in the shuttle and drive up the Aravalli hills to our starting point for the day. The ride is extremely gorgeous today and takes you through the interior parts of Rajasthan. The beautiful landscape unfolds like a poetry in motion as you bike through picturesque countryside to Kumbhalgarh, a historic fort town from the 15th century. Here, we stay at The Aodhi, a heritage property close to the Kumbalgarh Fort. Later in the evening, we climb the rugged Kumbalgarh Fort, surrounded by a 35km wall with 365 temples within.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 40km / 24mi*


Day 6: Narlai

This morning, we hop onto the bikes and make our way to Narlai, through the rugged Aravalis and undulating stretches. This is the most wholesome ride of the tour as you get a balanced day of different topographies. Narlai lies at the epicenter of an area rich with more than 400 historic temples. Arriving in Narlai, settle into the Rawla Narlai, an enchanting 17th century mansion. Formerly used as a hunting lodge, it is located in the heart of a typical rustic Rajasthan village amidst craggy rock-scape interjected with village houses. Rawla boasts of an esteemed guest list with the likes of Mick Jagger and Francesco Clemet having stayed here.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 50km / 30mi


Day 7: Narlai

Today, we start in the shuttle and drive to Kumbalgarh, yet another historic fort town from the 15th century. Later we start cycling through a small but challenging uphill stretch that, after a prodiguos descent leads us to one of the highlights of the entire trip – the Ranakpur Jain Temple. Jainism is an ancient religion from India that teaches that the way to liberation and bliss is to live a life of harmlessness and renunciation. This architectural wonder in white marvel is known for exquisitely carved 1444 pillars.

Later we hop on to the shuttle and drive back to Narlai to rejuvenate after a long and exciting day.

Alternatively, if you feel a ride through the rugged Aravallis would be too strenuous after days of cycling, you can opt to visit the Ranakpur Temple, short ride from your hotel Or take a walk into the village here or settle in with a good book for the day.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 35km / 21mi* (Optional)


Day 8: Jodhpur

We start cycling early this day across lush millet vegetation and carpets of yellow mustard fields; in fact keep alert to see some amount of wildlife like deer, black bucks and camels. This is a fairly easy terrain to ride in so you can enjoy the vistas with ease.

We have lunch along the way at an erstwhile hunting lodge, the palace was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1933. Set in tranquil surroundings of a lake, the low lying Aravalli hill ranges, vast shrubby forests teeming with wildlife, the heritage resort is a great stop.

After lunch, we take a shuttle and arrive at Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan and has earned a moniker of ‘Sun City’ for its bright clear skies and sunny weather. Notice how a large number of houses here are blue in colour – a striking contrast to the pale sandy colour of the city. The towering Mehrangarh Fort, a key highlight of Jodhpur, looms over the city from a small hill and can be seen from everywhere.

The afternoon is left to explore the magnificent 15th century Mehrangarh fort built by Maharaja Man Singh. Clutching onto a 100 feet perpendicular cliff, the fort epitomises the majestic history of Rajasthan. One of the best-preserved forts of India, it is replete with antiques, artifacts, palanquins and intricate carvings spread over the period rooms and galleries. The fort expands over 5kms on top of the hill. So colossal are its proportions that Rudyard Kipling called it “the work of giants”.

Here we have chosen one of the most architecturally delightful hotels at Jodhpur, to end your journey with complete immersion in history and a charming slice of Rajasthan’s grandeur, at the Raas Hotel. Winding through the quaint streets of the city, the hotel comes as a pleasant luxurious oasis in the jumble of houses and markets – undoubtedly an authentic location for you to get inducted into the Rajasthan culture. Check in and relax in this perfect synthesis of contemporary designs, modern facilities and old world charm of Jodhpur – you can see the famous Mehrangarh Fort from every room here.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance cycled: ~ 50km / 30mi*


Day 9: Shuttle to Jodhpur Airport

Today, you can venture out into the markets on your own. The narrow market streets splashed with colour in the form of bright textiles, silver jewelry, ethnic bags and more – a classic taste of Rajasthan’s vibrant culture.

Our trip concludes late-morning at the hotel. Your leaders will make arrangements for transportation to the Airport.

Meals: Breakfast

*With shuttle – short transfers





Weitere optionale Erlebnisse

Bitte beachten Sie, dass je nach Auswahl der hier aufgeführten zusätzlichen Erlebnisse weitere Reisetage notwendig sind.
Alternativ können auch die im Reiseprogramm inkludierten Standartausflüge entsprechend ersetzt oder gekürzt werden.

Adams Peak
Kategorie Hotel
StandardWathsala Inn (2 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardCoral Tree
SuperiorMansingh Palace (4 Sterne)
DeluxeThe Trident Agra () (4.5 Sterne)
RoyalITC Mugal Sheraton (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
Kategorie Hotel
StandardRanjit's Svaasa (4 Sterne)
SuperiorRanjit's Svaasa (4 Sterne)
DeluxeRanjit's Svaasa (4 Sterne)
RoyalRanjit's Svaasa (4 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardPalm Garden Village (3 Sterne)
SuperiorPalm Garden Village (3 Sterne)
DeluxePalm Garden Village (3 Sterne)
RoyalUlagalla Resort (5 Sterne)
Arugam Bay
Kategorie Hotel
Kategorie Hotel
StandardVivanta by Taj Aurangabad () (4.5 Sterne)
SuperiorVivanta by Taj Aurangabad () (4.5 Sterne)
DeluxeVivanta by Taj Aurangabad () (4.5 Sterne)
RoyalVivanta by Taj Aurangabad () (4.5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardPagoda Resort
SuperiorLemontree Kumarakom
DeluxeCoconut Lagoon (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardBadami Court
SuperiorBadami Court
DeluxeBadami Court
Kategorie Hotel
StandardBandarawela Hotel
SuperiorBandarawela Hotel
DeluxeBandarawela Hotel
Royal98 Acres Hotel (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardBundela Jungle Lodge (3 Sterne)
SuperiorBandhavgarh Jungle Lodge (4 Sterne)
DeluxeBandhavgarh Jungle Lodge (4 Sterne)
RoyalMahua Kothi (5 Sterne)
Bandipur NP
Kategorie Hotel
StandardDhole's Den
SuperiorDhole's Den
DeluxeDhole's Den
Kategorie Hotel
Kategorie Hotel
StandardKoggala Beach Hotel
SuperiorAvani Kalutara Resort
DeluxeEden Resort & Spa (4 Sterne)
RoyalThe Fortress
Kategorie Hotel
StandardNoor Us Sabah Palace (4 Sterne)
SuperiorNoor Us Sabah Palace (4 Sterne)
DeluxeJehan Numa (4 Sterne)
RoyalJehan Numa Retreat (4 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardCastle Bijaipur (4 Sterne)
SuperiorCastle Bijaipur (4 Sterne)
DeluxeCastle Bijaipur (4 Sterne)
RoyalCastle Bijaipur (4 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardLalgarh Palace () (3.5 Sterne)
SuperiorLalgarh Palace () (3.5 Sterne)
DeluxeLaxmi Niwas Palace (4 Sterne)
RoyalGajner Palace (4 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardHometel Chandigarh (3 Sterne)
SuperiorPark Plaza () (3.5 Sterne)
DeluxeTaj Chandigarh (5 Sterne)
RoyalTaj Chandigarh (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
Kategorie Hotel
StandardChettinad Court
SuperiorChettinad Mansion
Kategorie Hotel
StandardFort Heritage
SuperiorTea Bungalow (4 Sterne)
DeluxeBrunton Boatyard () (4.5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
SuperiorVivanta Surya (4 Sterne)
RoyalVivanta Surya (4 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardRamada Colombo (3 Sterne)
SuperiorGaladari (4 Sterne)
DeluxeCinnamon Grand (5 Sterne)
RoyalResidence by Uga Escapes
Kategorie Hotel
Kategorie Hotel
Kategorie Hotel
StandardFortune Central Resort (3 Sterne)
SuperiorNew Elgin () (3.5 Sterne)
DeluxeWindamere (4 Sterne)
RoyalWindamere (4 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardVana Retreat () (5.5 Sterne)
SuperiorVana Retreat () (5.5 Sterne)
DeluxeVana Retreat () (5.5 Sterne)
RoyalVana Retreat () (5.5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardSarovar Muse Portico (3 Sterne)
SuperiorRadisson Marina (4 Sterne)
DeluxeLalit Delhi (5 Sterne)
RoyalThe Imperial (5 Sterne)
Delhi Airport
Kategorie Hotel
StandardAfrica Avenue Delhi (3 Sterne)
SuperiorHoliday Inn New Delhi International Airport (4 Sterne)
DeluxeRoseate House New Delhi (5 Sterne)
RoyalJW Marriott Hotel Neu-Delhi Aerocity (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardDeogarh Mahal () (3.5 Sterne)
SuperiorDeogarh Mahal () (3.5 Sterne)
DeluxeDeogarh Mahal () (3.5 Sterne)
RoyalDeogarh Mahal () (3.5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardChonor House (4 Sterne)
SuperiorChonor House (4 Sterne)
DeluxeChonor House (4 Sterne)
RoyalChonor House (4 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardUdai Bilas Palace (4 Sterne)
SuperiorUdai Bilas Palace (4 Sterne)
DeluxeUdai Bilas Palace (4 Sterne)
RoyalUdai Bilas Palace (4 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardCountry Comfort
SuperiorElla Motel
DeluxeMelheim Resort
RoyalMelheim Resort
Kategorie Hotel
StandardMango House
SuperiorGalle Fort Hotel (5 Sterne)
DeluxeFortprinters Galle
RoyalDutch House & Sun House Galle
Kategorie Hotel
StandardArco Iris Boutique Homestay
SuperiorIntercontinental The Lalit Goa Resort (5 Sterne)
DeluxeThe Leela Kempinski Goa Luxury Resort (5 Sterne)
RoyalPark Hyatt Goa Resort und Spa Deluxe (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
Kategorie Hotel
StandardSun International
SuperiorSun International
DeluxeSun International
Kategorie Hotel
StandardUsha Kiran Palace (5 Sterne)
SuperiorUsha Kiran Palace (5 Sterne)
DeluxeUsha Kiran Palace (5 Sterne)
RoyalUsha Kiran Palace (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardThe Malligi (3 Sterne)
SuperiorThe Malligi (3 Sterne)
DeluxeRoyal Orchid Kireeti
Hassan / Chikmagalur
Kategorie Hotel
StandardSouthern Star
SuperiorThe Gateway Hotel Chickmaglur
DeluxeThe Serai (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardKoggala Beach Hotel
SuperiorCitrus Hikkaduwa (3 Sterne)
DeluxeEden Resort & Spa (4 Sterne)
RoyalThe Fortress
Kategorie Hotel
StandardAditya Park
SuperiorTaj Banjara (5 Sterne)
DeluxeTaj Falaknuma Palace (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardNaila Bagh Palace (3 Sterne)
SuperiorAlsisar Haveli (3 Sterne)
DeluxeThe Trident (5 Sterne)
RoyalThe Rambagh Palace (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardGarh Jaisal (3 Sterne)
SuperiorThe Gateway Hotel Rawal Kot () (3.5 Sterne)
Deluxe1st Gate Fusion (4 Sterne)
RoyalSuryagarh (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardPal Haveli (3 Sterne)
SuperiorRatan Vilas (4 Sterne)
DeluxeRaas () (4.5 Sterne)
RoyalUmaid Bhavan Palace (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardRadisson Jass (3 Sterne)
SuperiorHotel Chandela () (3.5 Sterne)
DeluxeThe Lalit Temple View () (4.5 Sterne)
RoyalSarai at Toria
Kategorie Hotel
SuperiorCitrus Hikkaduwa (3 Sterne)
DeluxeRoyal Palms (4 Sterne)
RoyalSerene Pavillions (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardHotel Thilanka
SuperiorAmaya Hills
DeluxeEarls Regency Hotel
RoyalKandy House () (4.5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardBundela Safari Lodge Kanha
SuperiorKanha Jungle Lodge (4 Sterne)
DeluxeKanha Jungle Lodge (4 Sterne)
RoyalBanjar Tola (5 Sterne)
Kategorie Hotel
StandardHindustan International () (3.5 Sterne)
SuperiorHindustan International () (3.5 Sterne)
DeluxeTaj Bengal (4 Sterne)
RoyalThe Oberoi Grand (5 Sterne)

Weitere Informationen


Oberoi Udaivilas: Udaipur (2 nights)

Sitting at the edge of Udaipur’s famous Lake Pichola, the Udaivilas is a creation of intricate craftsmanship that emulates the royal heritage of Rajasthan. With amenities desirous of royalty, the hotel is an excellent way of ending your cycling vacation.


Devigarh Resort: Devigarh (2 nights)

The unmatchable splendor of Devi Garh is going to temp you to stay for many more nights. Soak in extravagance of fine architectural details and magnificent design using local marble and semi precious stones. We suspect you will be spending a lot of time at the Palace Spa for soothing massages and rejuvenation treatments.


The Aodhi*: Kumbhalgarh (1 night)

The verdant surroundings of The Aodhi feel nothing less than sheer magic after biking through the sandy terrain of Rajasthan! With the rugged cliffs of the Kumbalgarh Fort just a stone’s throw away, it’s easy to transcend into a world of Kings and battles.

*casual inn


Rawla Narlai: Narlai (2 nights)

The 17th century royal mansion was once a hunting lodge for the ruling kings. Get ready to get pampered in its grand environs and impeccable hospitality. The luxury hotel lies in the backdrop of a typical rural setting of Rajasthan.


Raas: Jodhpur (1 night)

A ‘rose red’ wonder in stone, Raas Hotel is going to enthrall you with its Latitude style architecture, Moghul-inspired domes, enameled murals, slender columns and grand interiors. More so the hotel’s sprawling gardens are a pleasant contrast to the bustling old market outside.


INCLUSIONS & MORE we go the extra mile

Beautiful Hotels

On this Casual Inn tour, experience the best of small boutique hotels at each destination. They are chosen carefully so that you are well rested, get a drift of the local character or an enthralling view from your verandah! Under circumstances of non-availability of hotel, we will put in equivalent or a better hotel. Any extras at hotel are at your expense.

Quality Bikes

When you have a road and the thrill of a journey ahead of you, it’s imperative to have a good bike to enjoy it. Most of our tours in Kerala run on some of the best hybrid bikes in the cycling tour industry. Upright position, good traction and optimal balance between performance and comfort are some of the characteristics.

Outstanding Food

Local food plays an integral part in experiencing the culture of region and we make sure that you get plenty of this. The inclusion of daily meals is highlighted in detailed itinerary. Drinking water and soft drinks such as juice, tea/coffee is included in your price. Alcohol is at your expense.

Charming Guides

Our most visible and perhaps most important role is played by a Trip Leader, the folks who make a trip exciting, comfortable, knowledgeable and who are able to steer you towards the real experience! In most of the trips, we have two guides riding with you. One is leading the group of riders and other is closing at the back.

Comfortable Support Van

A Van follows the group of riders throughout the trip and carries all belongings. If at any point riding seems a little hard, the van takes you for as long or as little as you wish it to. It also provides you refreshments along the way and sometimes a chilled beer.

Guaranteed to Depart Tours

We run most of our tours with minimum 2 people traveling and sometimes even with 1 person, without any extra fee. Rest assured, your trip is always guaranteed to depart. If for some reasons you don’t wish to join a tour then you can always transfer to another trip or we’ll give you a credit which you can settle against any future trip.

Entrance Fees & Transportation

Entrance fees to historic sites, museums, temples & other exclusive events and transportation from rendezvous to final drop-off is always included in your tour price. Our tour designers give as much focus on non-cycling activity as on cycling.

Deep Local Knowledge & Presence

Presence of operations in Kerala, local associations and ad-hoc field network allows us to leverage local know-how and deliver on what is promised to you without any culture and communications barrier.

Singles Friendly

It is applicable only in cases where you want to opt for a room alone. In other cases, we will try to club you with another person, preferably of same sex. In the cases, where we don’t find a room partner, we’ll bear the extra room charges.


  • Ride past undulating sand dunes flanked by the Aravalli mountain range and the typical rural countryside
  • Admire historical stalwarts: weathered forts and breathtaking Jain temples
  • Savour Mughal influenced curries and smoky tandoori food
  • Get lost in the meandering markets, buzzing with wonderful chaotic energy
  • Feel the pulse of Rajasthan by taking a came ride in sand dunes and seeing amazing wildlife from the vantage point of your bike

Unvergessliche Erlebnisse

camels-622445_1920 DSC_7662 Indien-30-Jodhpur Rajasthani1 Indien-48-Taj Lake Palace Indien-45-Udaipur Indien-31-Jodhpur Indien 2000-009 Gesichter Nordindiens 2000-015 011 (5) DSC_6677 DSC_6705 DSC_7909

Termine & Preise

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen.


  • Ride past undulating sand dunes flanked by the Aravalli mountain range and the typical rural countryside
  • Admire historical stalwarts: weathered forts and breathtaking Jain temples
  • Savour Mughal influenced curries and smoky tandoori food
  • Get lost in the meandering markets, buzzing with wonderful chaotic energy
  • Feel the pulse of Rajasthan by taking a came ride in sand dunes and seeing amazing wildlife from the vantage point of your bike

Unvergessliche Erlebnisse

camels-622445_1920 DSC_7662 Indien-30-Jodhpur Rajasthani1 Indien-48-Taj Lake Palace Indien-45-Udaipur Indien-31-Jodhpur Indien 2000-009 Gesichter Nordindiens 2000-015 011 (5) DSC_6677 DSC_6705 DSC_7909

Rajasthan / Nordindien

Der grösste und farbenprächtigste Bundesstaat Indiens, Rajasthan, besitzt die grösste Anziehungskraft auf ausländische Besucher: Die Besitztümer der Maharajas und die Faszination der Wüste Thar. Das rosa Jaipur, das blaue Jodhpur, die goldene Fortstadt Jaisalmer und die geschäftigen und stolzen Rajputen bieten faszinierende Kontraste zur sandfarbenen Landschaft: Frauen in bunten Saris, ihre Männer mit Schnauz und Turban. In unserem Kapitel Nordindien finden Sie aber auch Reisen nach Gujarat, der Heimat Mahatma Gandis, und der letzten asiatischen Löwen Agra mit dem Taj Mahal und die Pilgerstadt Varanasi liegen in Uttar Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh bietet viel Kultur und Wildlife, und ganz im Osten finden wir Kolkata, Kulturstadt und Ausgangspunkt ins tropisch grüne Assam.


Delhi als Hauptstadt, Geschäftsmetropole und Ausgangspunkt der meisten Nordindien- Reisen. Agra mit dem Taj Mahal und dem Roten Fort. Die Wüstenstädte Jaipur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur und Udaipur in Rajasthan. Die spirituellen Zentren Amritsar, Dharamsala, Rishikesh, Varanasi und Bodhgaya. Nationalparks in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat und Assam. Unsere Reisen sind so konzipiert, dass gewisse Interessen im Fokus stehen. Mit unseren flexiblen Reisemodulen können wir Ihre Route beliebig Ihren persönlichen Bedürfnissen anpassen und Ihre eigenen Highlights in die Reise mit einflechten.

Beste Reisezeit

Die beste Reisezeit ist, wie das gesamte Leben in Indien, stark vom Monsun abhängig. Der Mosun (Regenzeit) beginnt im Juni und dauert ca. drei Monate. In dieser Zeit regnet es in Indien regelmässig, und es ist feucht heiss.Die beste Reisezeit  für Rajashtan/Nordindien ist von September bis April. Im Mai ist es heiss, und ab Juni setzt von Süden her der Monsun ein. Winternächte in Rajasthan können kühl sein, tagsüber herrschen angenehme Temperaturen.

Unsere Privatreisen

Dreams of India heisst für uns, Ihre Reiseträume zu erfüllen. Bei den meisten Angeboten handelt es sich um Privatreisen. Eine Dreams of India Reise hat für Sie folgende Vorteile: – Sie bestimmen den Reisetermin. – Sie bestimmen die Fluggesellschaft. – Sie haben Ihre privaten lokalen Reiseleiter. – Sie haben Ihr privates Fahrzeug und können so nach Ihren Wünschen Stopps einlegen. – Sie reisen zusammen mit Menschen, die Sie kennen.

Wir organisieren auch Reisen für Firmen, Vereine und Gruppe von Freunden etc.

Unsere Gruppenreisen

Reisen Sie gerne in Gruppen? Dann haben wir für Sie eine kleine aber feine Auswahl zusammengestellt. Die meisten Gruppen sind übrigens Deutsch geführt. Finden Sie in unserem Angebot nicht die richtige Reise oder der Termin passt nicht? Keine Sorge, wir arbeiten mit verschiedenen Partner Agenturen zusammen und finden fast immer eine gute Lösung.

Unsere Leistungen

– Flüge mit der Fluggesellschaft Ihrer Wahl
– Transfer-Service ab dem Flughafen Ihrer Reisedestination
– Moderne, klimatisierte Fahrzeuge für Ihre Rundreise
– Ausgesuchte Hotels entsprechend der gewählten Kategorie inkl. Frühstück
– Kompetente, englisch sprechende lokale Reiseleiter (auf Anfrage deutsch sprechend)
– 24-Stunden-Hotline in der Schweiz für Notfälle

Unsere Kategorien

Insbesondere in kleineren Orten kann es vorkommen, dass in den verschiedene Kategorien die gleichen Hotels erscheinen

Sie übernachten in guten Mittelklassehotels der 3- bis 4-Sterne-Kategorie.
Sie übernachten in Erstklasse Hotels 4-Stern- und Heritage- Hotels oder bestmögliche Unterkunft.
Sie übernachten in Luxus Hotels, 5-Stern– und Heritage-Hotels oder bestmögliche Unterkunft.
Sie übernachten in Traumhotels, 5-Stern-Hotels in besserer Zimmerkategorie/ Suiten und Heritage Hotels oder bestmöglicher Unterkunft.
In Sri Lanka bieten wir Ihnen zudem ein Kategorie „Boutique-Hotels" an.

Unsere lokalen Reiseleiter

Wo immer erforderlich, erhalten Sie lokale Reiseleiter. Alle unsere lokalen Reiseleiter sind staatlich geprüft und verfügen über entsprechende Fachkompetenz. Wir setzen auf Kontinuität und arbeiten seit Jahren mit den uns bekannten Reiseleitern zusammen. Auf Anfrage stehen Ihnen, wo möglich, auch deutsch sprechende lokale Reiseleiter zur Verfügung. Teilen Sie den Reiseleitern Ihre Wünsche mit. Sie werden alles tun, um diese zu erfüllen. Natürlich gibt es im Wissen, der Sprachkompetenz und im Wesen der lokalen Reiseleiter Unterschiede. Dafür bitten wir unsere Kunden um Nachsicht. Im Unterschied zu Indien ist in Sri Lanka Ihr Fahrer oftmals auch Ihr Reiseleiter.

Unsere Fahrzeuge und Fahrer

Sicherheit ist unser höchstes Gebot. Alle unsere Fahrzeuge sind in ausgezeichnetem Zustand. Bis drei Personen kommen komfortable Privatwagen der Kategorie Toyota Innova und bei vier bis sieben Personen grosszügige Minibusse zum Einsatz. Bei den Fahrern handelt es sich um erfahrene Personen, die im Umgang mit unseren Kunden geschult sind. Die Fahrer sind in ständigem Kontakt mit unseren Partnern vor Ort. Sie werden mit Sicherheit und Ruhe durch den chaotischen Verkehr gefahren. Die Englischkenntnisse unserer Fahrer sind so gut, wie es für ihre Arbeit erforderlich ist.

Besonderes erleben

Unsere Rundreisen sind Routenvorschläge, welche Sie beliebig Ihren Bedürfnissen anpassen können. Individuelles Reisen ist in Indien ein überaus wichtiger Faktor für Ihr Reisevergnügen. Wir tragen diesem Faktor Rechnung, indem wir Sie bei jeder Rundreise auf einige Routenvorschläge hinweisen.

Auflüge/ Close-up's: Hier bieten wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit, mit speziellen Zusatzprogrammen besondere An- und Einsichten ins lokale Leben, Traditionen und Kulturen zu erhalten. Haben Sie spezielle Interessen? Gerne gehen wir auf Ihre persönlichen Wünsche ein und kreieren Ihr persönliches Close-up.

Unser Tipp: Wir waren vor Ort und haben die Leistungen getestet. Gerne geben wir Ihnen unsere Eindrücke, Überzeugungen und Geheimtipps weiter.

Reisen mit Kindern

Wir haben oft Anfragen von Familien. In Indien wird es Ihren Kindern bestimmt nicht langweilig, denn es gibt tausend interessante, erstaunliche und nicht selten auch sehr lustige Eindrücke zu verarbeiten. Es müssen bei der Planung einfach einige Punkte beachtet werden: Kinder bis fünf Jahre übernachten in den meisten Hotels kostenlos im Bett der Eltern. In den Hotels der superior oder deluxe Kategorie ist in der Regel ein Zusatzbett buchbar. Im Minibus ist die ganze Familie bequem in einem Fahrzeug unterwegs. Betreffend spezieller Aktivitäten oder Angebote beraten wir Sie gerne persönlich.

Reisen im Zug

Das indische Schienennetz ist mit 63'000 km das zweitlängste der Welt und transportiert täglich ca. 13 Millionen Fahrgäste. Die drei Strecken „Darjeeling Himalayan Railway", „Kalka-Shimla Railway" sowie „Nilgiri Mountain Railway" wurden von der Unesco zum Weltkulturerbe erklärt. Eine Fahrt mit einem indischen Zug gehört zu den besonderen Erlebnissen. Fragen Sie uns, gerne bauen wir in Ihr Reiseprogramm Zugstrecken ein. Unsere Sonderzugreisen finden auf unserer Spezial Webseite www.zugreisen.ch

Reisen mit Rollstuhl

Durch unsere Erfahrung mit Kunden im Rollstuhl wissen wir welche Hotels, Fahrzeuge, Sehenswürdigkeiten und Routen auch Personen im Rollstuhl ein schönes Erlebnis bieten.